Viscoelastic Ophthalmic Solution

2% aqueous solution of hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose packed in 2ml or 5ml (also in Vial) in sterile Pre fill syringe

1. This solution is Premium grade Viscoelastic Solution with the viscosity of 4000cPs.
2. The product is Clear, Sterile, isotonoic and Non-pyrogenic.
3. It Protects and remains adjacent to corneal endothelium during cataract surgery.
4. Selectively moves and isolates tissues in anterior chamber.

20% sterile aqueous solution of flurescein sodium packed in 3ml amber glass ampoules

1. The solution is free from pyrogens and preservatives
2. Used to detect in corneal epithelium, contact lens fitting, tear flow assessment, ophthalmic angiography.

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